Newport Beach Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Screen Siren Jennifer Rhodes

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Jennifer Rhodes is a much loved actress who is still the perennial charmer fans have cherished over the years. She’s been captivating audiences in some of the biggest TV shows most notably on “Charmed” as the flamboyant Grams aka Penny Halliwell. I still remember being addicted to that bewitching show from the late 90s to early 2000 when the Halliwell coven was on everybody’s lips. That was a time when witchcraft was tons of flirtatious fun with colorful characters where now it’s grim yet rather flat much like the new series “Salem” (“American Horror Story:Coven” however stands on its own greatness). Jennifer did prove to be a women of strength as the matriarchal figure and even got to be a love interest which was wonderful. People do fall in love at any age…:) Likewise my support for actresses as opposed to the ageism often perceived in Hollywood is unwavering. I for one believe she should be given the veneration as afforded to actresses such as Melissa Leo. So it’s a thrill to see her among the enchanters at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2014. She stars alongside “Friends” Matt Leblanc and Ali Larter in “Lovesick” about a man who always misses out on some lovey-dovey action as he goes insane every time he falls for a girl.

On TV, “Sean Saves The World” may have been short-lived but we did get to see Jennifer ruffle some feathers as Betty, an old college rival of Sean’s mum (Linda Lavin). In fact, Jennifer is never far away from our adoring eyes as she’s been ever present in “See Dad Run”, “The Mentalist” and “CSI” dazzling in various guises. She has also played Winona Ryder’s mum with distinction in “Heathers”, the angsty teen comedy that defined a generation. “Night Of The Demons 2 ” was another memorable turn for Jennifer as her disciplinarian nun Sister Gloria faces the female demon known as Angela. Turning back the clock does bring back some great memories of the visual feast of the 80s/90s…:) Her longevity in the entertainment world would be an inspiration for many actresses and the vivacious Jennifer should be regarded as an enthralling thespian.

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