Sizzling Cutie: Laney Fichera

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Laney Fichera brings a likable essence to the roles she essays and her versatile talents have seen her prosper in all forms of entertainment. She’s worked for some of the biggest TV networks as a correspondent and has been eye-catching in a host of films, TV shows as well as the theater scene. She’s also a great motivational speaker who is more than capable of conversing with audiences on thought-provoking topics. Laney can be seen in “Palo Alto” which is milking the buzz at the Tribeca Film Festival due to its controversial teacher-student romance theme, its amazing cast led by Emma Roberts and of course the exciting promise of director debutante Gia Coppola. In my opinion, a great film is the sum of all of its parts and Laney’s character is just as integral.

Here is what Laney has to say about her character and her time on the set of “Palo Alto”:

“Working on Palo Alto was an absolutely wonderful experience, it was one of the most relaxed sets I’ve worked on. It was exciting to be a part of writer/director Gia Coppola’s first feature, she set the tone -making it a safe place for her actors to create. I play the character of Judy the school librarian, who apparently is the only reliable adult in the film, which is based on James Franco’s coming of age story in his hometown of Palo Alto. My scenes were with Jack Kilmer (Val’s son) who was a pleasure to work with. Like you I’m really looking forward to seeing the film.”

Watch a snippet of her appearance alongside Jack who plays Teddy in her theatrical reel (above). Lacey has also been making headway in a great pilot season and she’s looking forward to recasts so don’t be surprised if you see her on a new TV show or two…:) You can also keep up with all of the updates at the LANEY FICHERA OFFICIAL SITE.

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