Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Ava Paloma

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Elegant and sweet, Ava Paloma exudes the delectable features we so often find ourselves having a avid propensity for. I also love how Ava’s twitter describes her as a free spirit and sometimes mischievous which would mean she’ll be a bundle of fun. This photogenic beauty has been so gracious with me and she’s already wowed me with her kind heart. Ava stars in “Reaching Home”, the family drama which will be screening this weekend on April 27 at the Newport Beach Film Festival.


Enjoy this interview with the luscious Ava Paloma:

1. Are you going to be at Newport Beach Film Fest 2014 and if so what are you most anticipating?

My schedule unfortunately doesn’t allow me to be at the festival. I am so excited that Reaching Home was accepted and am looking forward to a wider audience viewing the film. The story is beautifully written and acted. It’s a high quality project that I am so proud to be involved with. Everyone on set was extremely professional and fun to be around. I am mostly anticipating the film being seen and everyone’s hard work being noticed.


2. Tell us more about your role and why you love the character you played.

I played the role of Jona. She’s the lead character’s sons “girlfriend”. I put quotes cause it’s actually their third date…haha Easter Sunday with the family. She’s a bohemian artist and she serves as the outsider viewing this family for the first time. I love her because she’s so free spirited and is not living by anyone else’s rules. She’s just really happy to be on a date with her new man and really excited to meet his family.


3. What are your upcoming projects?

Right now, I’m working a lead in a film called “Triangle” by Claudia Luque. I’m also one of the leads in a short film called “Siren Call” by Evan Metzold. We shot last fall and are working on a few reshoots/ADR/editing now to be released in the next few months. I’m also doing a reading of new play called “This is Rage” by Ken Goldstein.


4. Which is your favorite genre and why?

I love any great story regardless of genre.

5. Lastly, what do you think best represents being an entertainer? Is it distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences?

I feel that it’s about telling the character’s story in a way that reflects truth to the audience, wether it’s funny or sad. It’s the artist’s job to connect to the character and hopefully if the artist connects, the audience will too.

Keep up to date with all the latest news at the AVA PALOMA OFFICIAL SITE and there’s also a great collection of videos to watch.

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