United Film Fest Los Angeles 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Jocelyn Kelvin

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A storyteller, a beauty and a real charmer, actress/director Jocelyn Kelvin is a fascinating talent who could well be on the cusp of significant affection. Especially since her feature “Your Friends Close” melds dark drama, comedy and even sci-fi with such a cool vibe. We are all blessed to be entertained by an intriguing video-game theme indie film created by the eclectic mind of Jocelyn. Her multi-layered portrayal of Becca, one half of a programming couple behind a wildly successful mmorpg game is subtly potent. In this character-driven film, she is quite the siren in what is essentially the game of love between several players, even suspecting her husband Jason of having an affair with his assistant. It’s intimacy and greed set in the world of game development that’s convincingly thought-provoking.

Currently she’s working on getting “Your Friends Close” out into the world (she is the director and the leading lady in it.) She also gives a shout to fellow actress Laura Harrison and Jenni Melear who are in her film (both of whom I covered back in 2012). Her most exciting upcoming project is a pilot she’s co-writing with “Your friends Close” co-star Heather Anne Wood, about two estranged sisters who team up with a motley crew of rebels and travel inter-dimensionally through multiple universes. She’s also set to appear in a horror film shooting this June about a parasitic computer trying to find to find a human host. With upcoming roles in such interesting projects, keeping her in your sights comes naturally.

Check out her website — www.jocelyn-kelvin.com — for more info, as well as the official “Your friends Close” website — www.yourfriendsclose.com.

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