Foxy Femme Sandra Staggs

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Having made a name for herself in the comedy genre, the vivacious Sandra Staggs is heading for a period of adoration as an indie actress. Her many entrancing features include her amiable personality, engaging smile and while not obvious at first are her sexy curves. She stars in the drama “Born And Raised” as Mary, an insecure woman who feels her son is about to abandon her as many of the men she knows have done before. Already a hit on the festival circuit, this is a poignant drama that touches the heart in many ways and Sandra delivers a sincerity in her performance as a mom who may just lose her precious one. Check out a segment of Sandra’s scene with her onscreen son from the film (above). It’s fitting that “Born & Raised” managed to garner an impressive “Best Ensemble Cast” award and I reckon Sandra played her captivating part in that win.

Her sweet Southern accent is also why we should be growing a passion for this charming belle. She has certainly used it to great effect as a VoiceOver artist. Find out more about her at the SANDRA STAGGS OFFICIAL SITE, a portal with extensive insight into her career and upcoming projects. Ever so subtly she has a mesmerizing effect on us and it’s time Sandra receives the adulation she richly deserves.

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