Newport Beach Film Fest Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Lisa Marie Sheldon

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We do love us some blonde sweethearts and sun-kissed hottie Lisa Marie Sheldon has the fresh-faced beauty to attract the masses. Precious as a peach, she’s eye-catching in the same vein that Kristen Bell has so often ingrained into us. She can be seen in the short film “Last Shot” that has mysterious edge written all over. The tale is of a man who walks into a bar and regales stories about 5 people to a bartender. What suddenly becomes apparent is that all of the 5 are dead and the bartender may just become the 6th victim! While Lisa may not yet be a household name, her stint as a model has seen her traverse the globe. At 5’9″, she must have been quite the coveted blue-eyed girl on the catwalk.

Away from the camera, she’s the adventure type, her many sporty passions include surfing & snowboarding. Active by nature, it’s no wonder she has a toned body and her effervescence goes hand in hand. In fact in an interview she revealed that her dad always told her to keep smiling and what a beguiling smile she has as evident by her photos…:) If one was able to measure levels of sweetness then Lisa would be right up there! The future may be still unwritten yet there’s going to be opportunies for Lisa to wow us with her comeliness.

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