Rising Starlet: Erica Derrickson

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The illuminating cutie Erica Derrickson is a promising actress with the addictively sexy smile guaranteed to melt hearts of audiences. No suprises to find out that she’s appearing as the gorgeous starlet Elizabeth/Lizza in indie drama “Melt” who comes into the life of a man weighed down by life’s many tribulations. Will his fate change for the better with the emergence of this enigmatic young woman? “Melt” will be screening at the SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival this Sunday in Providence, Rhode Island. Certainly April 27 seems to be a significantly happy day seeing how it’s my birthday, US President Barack Obama is in Asia and I’m able to shine the spotlight on the delectable Erica. She could definitely stir us into devotion with those alluringly beautiful blue eyes.

One of the more interesting nuggets of info on Erica is that she’s an avid traveler who has even grown up in Singapore, the little red dot where I currently reside. She’s also versatile in a multitude of genres and is one of the stars of the new horror anthology “The Witching Hour”. Touted to be “Creepshow” meets “Pulp Fiction”, the denizens of darkness will be giving us a fright, especially with Mr Candyman himself Tony Todd lurking in the shadows! Erica can also be seen alongside Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in the funny female buddy comedy “The Heat”. A gorgeous face on the New England Film scene, Erica is also an accomplished photographer taking photos of other gorgeous subjects. 2014 could be the year she becomes a much adored breakthrough performer.

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