Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Hill Country Film Fest 2014

1. Mara Kassin in “Grandma’s Not A Toaster”


– Watch her shine as the deliciously evil Susannah in “Grandma’s Not A Toaster” who plots to steal her grandmother’s fortune with the help of her siblings.
– Mara does have the fascinating features of a genuine indie starlet, able to reel you in with her intense gaze that’s potently bewitching to the eyes.
– The fact that she’s able to juggle acting and producing duties on film as well as on stage is indicative of her amazing fortitude.

2. Jessica Mathews in “The Big Meet”

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– It’s always a pleasure to highlight the enchanting work of a blonde sweetheart and Jessica is overwhelmingly easy on the eyes.
– Check out the video of her talking about her neo-noir of a short film “The Big Meet” where she also doubles up as a producer.
– Don’t miss her in the darkly humorous “Death By A Thousand Pups” (above), a Horror Haiku episode which sees her being terrorized by some of the cutest puppies you’ll ever see!

3. Deanna Meske in “Elsa And Fred”

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– The always vivacious Deanna is the perfect mix of the sweet as well as the sexy and many would describe her as a living doll.
– Viewers will soon be captivated by Deanna as she’s playing Shirley McClaine’s daughter in the comedy romance “Elsa and Fred”, a story where love can happen to anyone, at any age.
– Her future projects will traverse the horror genre and with several web series in the pipeline, this cutie is on the fast track to make a big play for our hearts.

4. Kathy Searle in “Fool’s Day”


– Quirky, funny and a natural comedienne, Kathy is a lady we’ll be seeing a lot on the festival circuit in the coming months.
– Catch her in “Fool’s Day” as Mrs Brandt, the unfortunate teacher who bears the brunt of a cruel April Fool’s joke and suffers the aftermath in bloody fashion!
– She should be regarded as one of this year’s funny woman to admire and with a bunch of comedy projects on multiple channels, she’s set to make us laugh with joy!

5. Suziey Block in “If We Were Adults”


– There’s a cavalcade of reasons why Suziey is being seen as infectiously appealing and she’s lighting up the indie scene with aplomb.
– Her ability to excel in roles which are on the spectrum of darkness(see “Entrance”) or lightness (watch “If We Were Adults”) makes her quite the addiction.
– Watch her dazzle once more as a professor in the upcoming horror flick “American Mummy” and the supernatural-heavy “The Pact II”.

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