Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (May 2014)

Aynsley Bubbico Entices Viewers In 2 Hit TV Shows


– If you’ve been charmed by the show “Hart Of Dixie”, watch Aynsley shimmer as Sadie from the adorable Pink Brigade The Belles. Described as smart and bubbly, she and her band of merry sisters spices things up in such pleasing fashion, we can’t help falling for her…:)
– “Mad Men” fanatics may have already seen Aynsley having a ciggie with January Jones in the recent episode “Field Trip” on the last season of the acclaimed show. This is one cutie who is on course to be a perennial captivator onscreen.


– Aynsley was one of the very first actress to be lauded on my blog. In fact she was the fourth actress that was featured and she so kindly sent her autograph all the way from the US. Now it’s become that much more valuable…:)

Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt sizzle in a Star Wars Threesome

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– Rabid fans will say May The Fourth Be With You and since it’s Star Wars Day on May the 4th, let these 2 sexy femmes set your pulses racing with another must-see Star-Wars themed viral video.
– In the action-packed “Revenge of the Threesome: Star Wars Lightsaber Duel (Saber III)”, Clare and Rileah are joined by Alison Haislip in a lightsaber battle with a nod to the ’80s. Some women are born to be sexy and this luscious trio definitely do not need a Jedi mind trick for us to have fantasies about them.
– Many would have seen Rileah heating up Youtube with her ass-kicking tribute to Wonder Woman which garnered a mind blowing 5 million+ Views and she can also be seen in the horror/comedy “Holliston”. Clare will always be at the forefront of geek fandom especially with her appearances on “Robot Chicken” and as the super heroine of Team Unicorn

Kelly Kruger Dazzles Star Magazine Hollywood Rocks 2014


– She’s been lauded as Star Magazines “Best of the Week” alongside luminaries such as Leighton Meester, Nikki Reed and Leslie Mann. Channeling laidback grace with her black and white ensemble complete with an array of bling, she’s gorgeousness on the red carpet.
– This year you may have already seen Kelly in “Republic Of Doyle” and “Castle”, her intense allure a surefire way to grab your attention.
– I make it a point to consistently shine the spotlight on Canadian actresses such as Kelly who seem to possess the ‘Je ne sais quoi’ attractiveness that’s infatuation worthy.

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