Hill Country Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Estelle Bajou

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From the stage to the screen, Estelle Bajou has made her presence felt as a honest performer and she’s bringing her free-spirited aura to the indie scene. She is starring in the short film “Broke” about two New York City real-estate agents who are not having the best of times. Check out a scene of her being frustrated with the incompetent agent Ernesto taken from “Broke” in her reel (above). She’s already been commended in The New York Times for being a first rate actor and her embodying of dramatic roles is bound to dazzle audiences. Seeing that Estelle is also a writer, composer and singer, there’s plenty more to discover about this glowing lady and the Hill Country Film Festival is the right place to do so.

A visit to the ESTELLE BAJOU OFFICIAL SITE does showcase her many endeavors in various artistic pursuits. Certainly, her French roots has played a big part in her creative ambition as she looks to entertain us on several fronts. Back in 2010, the gripping film “Subhysteria” where she had a starring role gained quite a buzz thanks to it being totally improvised by the entire cast. Estelle went on to appear in an episode of the hit series “Boardwalk Empire” and was in several shorts that saw her fleshing out women with degrees of complexity in their makeup. She may just be hitting all the right notes come 2014 and that is grounds enough to keep this upcoming starlet in our adoring sights…:)

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