Canadian Vixen: Erica Deutschman

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Cuteness is Gold and Erica Deutschman is a young talent who exudes an engaging charm many will find hard to resist. She stars in “Happy Slapping” as Belle, the pretty blonde who likes to walk on the wild side. Part of the crew that seek instant fame online, they attack unsuspecting victims and record the assaults on smartphones. A reviewer noted how her pill-popping scene is as riveting as the one in “Thirteen” starring Evan Rachel Wood showing Erica has the potential to beguile viewers. The excesses of youth are all too familiar and “Happy Slapping” is akin to “Blair Witch Project” in its grim content and the use of shaky cam, only this time it’s hormonal teenagers on tech steroids creating all the terror. “Happy Slapping” has the distinction of being the world’s first feature shot solely on an iPhone and kudos to the cast for being part of this creative venture.

Here’s what she has to say about the film:

‘It’s so great to finally see the movie getting the attention it is and I’m so excited for everyone to meet my character, Belle. The film gets dark and all the kids have their issues but it’s nice that there’s still an element of fun and ease to her.

Erica’s been in Toronto for the past year, auditioning, taking classes and basically settling in. She’s already worked on a couple shows here and there. She’s had a recurring role for 3 seasons on “Being Human”, the vamp/werewolf/ghost trifeca and her final episode on the series just aired this year. She appeared as the hot co-ed Beth who was brutally murdered but return for some playful haunting. That very episode has her as Beth and gal pal Holly (Imogen Haworth) scare up brooding vampire Aidan in a ghostly threesome (they were previously his unwitting victims in a blood orgy).


Erica’s hoping for a really productive, exciting summer and has actually been developing a web series with Jesse (who plays Boomer in the “Happy Slapping” feature). She reckons they’re going to start shooting that in the summer. That means she’s about to sizzle our days ahead!

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