Rising Starlet: Mikal Evans

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The magnetic allure of Mikal Evans is set to thrust her into the limelight as she bewitchingly advances the indie movement on both film and music. Just like I have, viewers will be mesmerized by her soulful blue eyes that can tell a story on her own. Mikal stars in “How We Got Away With It”, a polished drama that transcends everything you would know of an indie flick. As Leigh the girl who is careering into relationship troubles with her man Will, Mikal revels in a strong performance as part of several unlikely individuals who commit and cover up a brutal crime. With a unique narrative unlike other murder mysteries, “How We Got Away With It” is a gem in its own right as will Mikal prove to be in the months ahead. I was actually going to ask Mikal for some more juicy insights on her role but since I couldn’t wait to feature her having been positively intrigued, here’s looking at this smart, beautiful actress.

Sometimes we can recognize qualities in an emerging star and Mikal has that inherent promise to become one. As a singer, she’s been compared to PJ Harvey, Mikal’s brand of alternative rock fronted so well by her sultry vocals. As an actress, she sets us stirring with her captivating nuances making it easy to be a fan. She can also be seen in the Elizabeth Bathory inspired supernatural thriller “Innocence” as well as a fantasy short “Flicker”. Her upcoming project “The Fly Room” will also be fascinating, a tale of how the study of genetics came to be. Mikal is already touted as one of the finest up and coming actresses which means everyone should be starting their own obsession for her.

Remember to catch more of her at the MIKAL EVANS OFFICIAL SITE.

2 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Mikal Evans

  1. As director of How We Got Away With It I cannot agree with you that Mikal is a star in the making and that she shines in my film!

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