Canadian Vixen: Helena Marie

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Once a cutie, always a cutie and this adage hold true when admiring the inviting looker that is Helene Marie. Being in awe of a Canadian sweetheart who happens to be a blue-eyed blonde is double the onus to have Helena grace this very blog. Helena is currently running a fundraising campaign for her short film CRAZY LOVE! You can show your support for this lovely actress here:–3/x/3662166#home

“Crazy Love” delivers the powerful message that abuse of any kind should never be tolerated but is also delves into the victim’s psyche and what she would do in such a harrowing situation. This are never easy stories to tell and Helena performance as the tortured Samantha will have a profound impact on audiences. It’s her fetching eyes that channels the tangible emotions which we will find to be engaging. Reminiscent of a young Teri Polo, she is a picture of grace. Her other projects include an appearance on the series “Bullet In The Face”, the horror short “Deviant” as well as a French-language short “La Valise” which you can watch here:

With so many captivating facets, Helena is a name bound to be on the lips of many in the coming months. Watch this ebullient actress shine!

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