Indie Princess: Sara Bakay

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Sara Bakay is a creative tour-de-force and her sweet loveliness is certain to warm our hearts. Already a shining light as an actress,singer and model, this cutie is now bringing her endearing facets to the indie world. Sara is the leading lady of “This Promise I Made”, the heartwarming romantic comedy where she plays the idealistic Mackenzie Miller who is torn between a vow she made and her own desire for true love. Can she fulfill them both and be rewarded with contentment? Or will the mountain of feelings be too hard to overcome? With the trailer being in the popular section of IMDB, it does signify that the tenderness of the story found affection from viewers. Sara herself has the desirable radiance to be quite the admirable lady on both film and print. She is known for being passionate about her craft and it’s a matter of time before the passion from us indie fans translates back to her.

She’s also just finished filming “Tick”, which is a short film by Wild Oats Media, about a young woman (Sarah) who is having difficulty differentiating her dreams and reality. Away from the screen, she’s in the throes of writing a novel, “Come Hope or Highwater”, and turning it into a screenplay as well. This is projected to be finished in a few months. As a musician, We Ain’t Them is the band she sing in and has been recording music recently, some of which should be released soon. Great to see that’s Sara is a mentor too, teaching acting lessons via Skype and at a local talent agency. Looking forward to hearing more about her upcoming sci-fi feature “Robot/Girlfriend” with its title already piquing the interest in our minds. 2014 could well be the year Sara’s ambitions are realized as an up and coming actress to covet.

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