Rising Starlet: Bozana Cavar

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The indie scene is blossoming thanks to the growing pool of enchanting, watchable actresses and one such talent is the absorbingly inviting Bozana Cavar. One can tell she’s blessed with the elegance and the geniality which we have associated with Eastern European women. She is by far one of the most pleasant actresses a fan can ever know, her patience and personable facets is more than a plus. It’s no wonder Bozana is recognized as a talent with a passion for life and those around her.

Look out for her in “Bald Knobbers” and “Little Did He Know”, the experimental comedy that shows a little laughter can go a long way in making life better. Bozana has also scored the lead in the feature film “Everything”. She plays Isabelle Winters, a woman who bargains with the angel of death in order to cheat death. Her exquisite beauty adds to the finesse she can bring to such a dark role which will surely elevate her to our attention.

Check out the latest news at THE BOZANA CAVAR OFFICIAL SITE. Also catch this video update about her intriguing feature “Everything” which has a supernatural gothic look about it: http://www.kspr.com/news/local/Community-closeup-Springfield-filmmaker-on-KSPR/21051620_25835706

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