Little Rock Film Festival Spotlight 2014: Indie Princess Kirby Gocke

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Yet again, we are enamored by the amazing women of indie films and gorgeous redhead Kirby Gocke is enroute to being a gem. At the Little Rock Film Fest 2014, she will be the dazzling factor in several short films encompassing a host of genres. They are namely “An Ode To Angeline”, a tale of obsession, “Homefront”, a mystery involving a military force, the sci-fi thriller “Collection Day” and the infectious disease action drama “Mal”. Surely Kirby has to be the talk of town with her omnipresence and she’ll be the name to long for soon enough. In “An Ode To Angeline”, she plays the titular Angeline who becomes the infatuation of a man who is pretty much fixated on her. Certainly a signifcant portion of life is about celebrating beautiful people (in a healthy way of course) and the talented Kirby has the wherewithal to find meaningful connections with whomever is watching her.

Look out for her in the upcoming feature “With You” as the leading lady Gaby, a single mother who may just have found her true love in a single father. There’s complications abound but can this couple see that love can be flexible to handle the challenges ahead? With her flowing red hair and charismatic demeanor, she’s more than capable of portraying the many facets of being in love. I get a sense many a viewer will come to appreciate her work and show Kirby the affection in return.

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