Sizzling Cutie: Sepideh Moafi

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An endearing face for us to fawn over, Sepideh Moafi is loveliness personified, graceful and blessed with an inviting decorum. In “Black Box”, Sepideh plays Dr. Farrah Mahmoud, a top psychiatrist who works at ‘the cube’ who butts heads with Dr. Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly) not only professionally, but also personally. They both come from completely different schools of thought. She’s actually going back and forth shooting the final episode of “Black Box” as well as a new CBS pilot called “Red Zone” which stars Aimee Garcia of “Dexter” fame in North Carolina. The “Red Zone” has her playing Frida, a Westernized Algerian woman with plenty of secrets in her life. But first on TV starting May 15th, we can’t wait to see Kelly and Sepideh’s characters locking horns in several episodes of “Black Box” as she will be showing us that Ms Reilly’s not the only enchanter in this compelling series.

I’m taking a little limelight away from the film festival we know as Cannes to feature the gorgeous Sepideh who is expected to make waves on TV Land. She has also appeared as Mrs Harrison, a concerned mother whose baby is beset with health issues in “Nurse Jackie” and as a wife of a terrorist on “Blue Bloods”. Widely regarded as an angel by those who know and have come across her work, I’ve seen first hand of how gracious she is, having given me some insights on her acting journey. In her craft, she believes in the truthfulness of a portrayal and sharing the character’s story. Stardom is beckoning for Sepideh and she may turn out to be one of our most beloved darlings.

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