Stunning Starlets At Cannes 2014 – Part 2

1. Heather Roop in “Awol 72”

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– Watch Heather as an operative in Russia who falls for a marine (Luke Goss) in the action thriller “AWOL-72” where the movie poster has been seen all over Cannes.
– When it comes to sensuality, Heather is a lady who needs no introduction especially since she’s a striking brunette with an elegance to behold.
– Soap Fans will know her as Jane McIntyre, the owner of a coffee shop called Jane’s Addiction in the long running “All My Children” who is pleasantly endearing. Heather’s genial qualities have certainly won us over!

2. Ashleigh Hubbard in “Mr Viral”


– Ashleigh is at this moment dazzling up Cannes in support of her indie feature “Mr Viral” where viral marketing is given a dark spin.
– Bubbly, photogenic and a bundle of fun, Ashleigh is a big reason why I have a thing for Canadian actresses and up till today she still captivates my heart.
– A fellow blogger recently pointed out that loving blondes is a nice burden to bear but I see it as more a blessing for all of us as Ashleigh is truly heavenly.

3. Chloe Farnworth in “The Devil’s Bargain”


– Chloe will beguile us in “The Devil’s Bargain” as Ange, shedding all her inhibitions after finding out that the world is at an end due to an impending asteroid hit.
– Her features are noticeably doll-like and with her rosy kissable lips, a stream of devotees will be on hand to follow this British Vixen’s performances.
– With a number of projects in 2014 and beyond, it is anticipated that this upcoming starlet will be giving us plenty to rave about.

4. Grace McPhillips in “Eclipse”


– Grace has already been on the red carpet for the screening of “Eclipse” at Cannes and it’s never too late to be in praise of this rising indie talent.
– She reprises her role in “Eclipse” as Amber who is a survivor of a tragic school shooting and has the aim of encouraging conversations about non-violence when conflict arises.
– Even with her background in dramatic features, Grace has also shown the versatility needed to shine on film, garnering herself a Best Comedic Actress award at the St. Louis International Film Festival for the film “Fitting”.

5. Patricia Rae in “The Social Contract”


– In US-Latino action thriller “The Social Contract”, Patricia is riveting as she’s always been in the story of a woman (played by Katherine Castro) with a violent past that returns to haunt her.
– A true vixen in every sense of the word, this curvaceous Colombian-born actress is mesmerizing and she has a heart of gold to complement her beauty.
– Her upcoming horror flick “Bloodsucking Bastards” has intrigue written all over it and I can envision Patricia being the epitome of sexiness.

6. Angela Besharah in “The Last Halloween”


– There’s just something magnetic about Angela (her curls are a charm) and she has caught the eye several times on television namely in hit shows “Haven” and “Lost Girl”.
– Reminiscent of the sleeper hit “Trick ‘r’ Treat”, Angela is one of the stars of “The Last Halloween” as four young trick-or-treaters find out that Halloween could be their last day alive!
– This gorgeous, multi-talented actress hails from Canada and with her natural looks, she will be held in high regard.

7. Beth Shea in “#RIP”


– Watch and enjoy Beth’s comedic turn as aspiring actress Liz Tanner who is the co-star of Hollywood royalty Lydia Walters (Missi Pyle) in #RIP (that’s hastag RIP).
– From sketches to web series as well as on TV, Beth has shown she has the adorable factor to keep us wanting more.
– While there’s no trailer of #RIP to be found, be captivated by her performance as Alana Abercrombie (what a name!) in the comedy short “Love, Simple”.

8. Elizabeth Schmidt in “Surviving A Funeral”


– The award-winning indie horror short “Incident On Highway 73” got us talking about the delectable Elizabeth who shines in every scene.
– Often it’s the soulful features that maketh the enduring appeal of an actress and Elizabeth has impeccably hypnotic eyes to keep us infatuated.
– Her adore worthy performance in “Surviving A Funeral” as Leah, the unsympathetic sister returning for a reunion with her relatives at a wake is a must-see!

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