LA Comedy Shorts Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Queen Helen Wilson

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An adaptable performer, the astute performances of Helen Wilson should by now be receiving a warm reception. Watch Helen in the noirish mystery “The Hitchiker” which harks back to the days of Twilight Zone but with a dash of comedy in the vein of “Airplane”. Starring Nora Zehetner, it takes us on a ride across Hollywood as aspiring actress Nancy Adams (Nora) is chased by a shadowy figure. She also has another satirical feature entitled “Ron and Laura Take Back America” appearing as Corina, a grumbling Bakersfield housewife. On TV, She was perfect as Dr Anna Freud in the hit series “Masters Of Sex”, daughter of the famed Sigmund Freud and who followed her father’s footsteps by being the founder of psychoanalysis.

The characters she has played have been progressively interesting and back in 2010, she shone as the stern government agent Fran in “1,001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position”. This was set in the near future where intimate acts such as sex are considered rebellious and as Fran, she becomes the crux to this tale of a woman (Amanda Plummer) who desires to be an anarchist. Just like in “Masters Of Sex”, her voice has that gravitas that has a profound effect on us, authoritative but spot on for the roles she has delivered (watch the trailer).

It’s important that Hollywood continues to show that it’s not just an image game and that a wealth of personalities are represented on every entertainment medium. After all, real life is filled with a host of distinctive faces and each has a story to be told. I’m doing my part to celebrate Helen Wilson, an actress who is a dazzler in her own right and who could bring those very stories to life.

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