The Must Watch Starlets @ SoHo Film Fest 2014

1. Bettina Bilger in “In The Dark”

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– Bettina is the director, writer and star of the funny romantic short “In The Dark” which is a clever take on passion, showing us that love is indeed strange.
– With her comely features that could have come from days of yore (the golden age of Hollywood), being in this modern era gives us a chance to appreciate her many gifts.
– She’s also a casting director and is noted for her accessible personality which is many will find to be rather uplifting.

2. Summer Crockett Moore in “My Cross To Bear”


– Summer has taken the indie world by storm with stirring performances, notably as a junkie in the drama “Junction” and as an enticing tramp in the comedy “Trust Me I’m A Lifeguard”
– She continues her riveting ways in the short film “My Cross To Bear” where her character Rose gets beaten to a pulp in a tale of violence and sin.
– The fact that she takes on challenging female-drive parts alludes to her ability to bring forth the believability audiences will warm up to.

3. Alexandra Fulton in “The Algerian”


– Alexandra is a living doll who belongs on the pages of illustrious magazines and who last year graced the red carpet of Cannes with aplomb.
– Watch her in the “The Algerian”, the political thriller that spans several countries, focusing on a terrorist plot that takes us from Algeria to Vegas.
– In her upcoming short “Dinner with Ana”, she goes all sultry changing from blonde to brunette as the titular Ana who has some pretty dark secrets.

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