Cannes Film Festival Spotlight 2014: Ravishing Redhead Lisa London

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Actress/singer Lisa London is an entertainer who keeps getting more and more beautiful, complementing her all-round pleasantness. One can already see why her debut movie was called “H.O.T.S.” for she has the requisite sultriness which certainly includes her ever present smile. Of course you can’t look away from her well-endowed figure which amps up her sexy nature. Coincidentally, she’s starring in a feature which can be regarded as Voltaic! In “Body Electric” which also stars pornstar turned actress Kayden Kross, she will captivate as Eva, a Madam who’s up to no good! She’s also starring in 3 Wicked Witches for David DeCoteau and doing another horror film for him soon.

Another feature she’s in is “Divorce Texas Style” where she continues her sexy ways as a Judge having a juicy affair and that will be coming out soon. Her 80’s girl group The Pinups is also reuniting to record a new live album & shooting a documentary. Many will recognize her work alongside Clint Eastwood in “Sudden Impact” and Johnny Depp in “Private Resort”. She was also part of the sex comedy movement in the 80s having appeared in “The Naked Cage”, films which Judd Apatow have now re-invented for the modern audience. Lisa is also proud of her role in the riveting character-driven drama “Midlife” which has impressionistic cinematography and characters whose inner desires are unfathomable. Follow her in 2014 as she returns to her enchanting form…;)

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