Foxy Femme: Denyc


Denyc is an addiction in the making, her exotic features and free spiritedness a surefire combo to love. She has already sizzle on the red carpet of this year’s CANNES Film Festival during the premiere of “Mr Turner”, the film whose leading man Timothy Spall was crowned Best Actor. She looked divine in the sheer dress with does leave much to the imagination…;) For all those curious cats out there, Denyc is actually pronounced as Denise. From my experience of knowing a few Denises in my time, they’re all super friendly and sexy!


Denyc does have the perfect bod to heat up any summer of any year! This Vancouver-born actress is a genuine vixen but she has some serious talent on her shoulders. Check her out in the comedic webseries that she wrote, co-directed, produced, and starred in. Its called “California Roll” and all the info is here:

– Website:
– Facebook page:
– Twitter and Instagram handle: @calirollseries

Here’s a teaser of the project California Roll from Denyc:

‘We are in the middle of editing season one, and I am just starting to write the second season. It’s about two best friends, Samantha (played by me) and Abby (played by Victoria Hogan) driving in LA, and the show always takes place in the interior of a car. There is a small cast of crazy characters and I am very proud of the work everyone did. I’ve been keeping the episodes under wraps until the season is cut. It’s highly anticipated now by a lot of people. We are about halfway through the editing.’

Another of her projects Denyc is excited to share is a feature film she’s writing about the dark side of Bali. An intense thriller, that she plans to star in as well although she’ll not direct or produce though on account of the workload. She has been training in stunt classes for several months and have started working with motion capture to gain the skills she needs to be a sci-fi action hero – her big goal!

Remember to drop by THE DENYC OFFICIAL SITE where I’m sure you’ll be spending plenty of time browsing her collection of foxy photos. The online space is certainly where she’s been a dazzler having hosted a few, one being the geek show about tech, games, and comics reviewed weekly at: Denyc also covers all the news for DTLA and Santa Monica each week online with plans to actually expanding to the entire westside, for which she will be hosting all the shows 5 days a week! Visit:

Denyc has the finesse to be a success and with her beguiling omnipresence on several platforms, she’s about to be coveted the world over.

Like and Follow Denyc here: as well as twitter and instagram: @denycdenise

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