Sizzling Cutie: Whitney Nielsen

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We can’t get enough of our women in horror and Whitney Nielsen is looking to fascinate us with her every turn onscreen. Catch her in the “Bloodsucka Jones” which is screening at Crypticon Seattle 2014. Having embraced the independent scene wholly, she’s been seen in several projects that cuts across different genres although horror has been one of the more riveting platforms for her to rouse us. One can already see she’s a temptation with plenty of sweetness from head to toe. Whitney has appeared in “Children of Sorrow”, another creepy tale of a treacherous man who has mastered the art of manipulation. She plays Mary who joined to the hip of Simon Leach (Bill Oberst Jr), the charismatic leader of a small sect and found footage is used to tell us the story of this dangerous cult. Much like how Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme remained one of the most loyal followers of Charles Manson. Isn’t it scary how someone can have a hold on others by just the gift of gab!

Whitney also did a pilot called “The Lower Cast” which is billed as a sitcom exposing the often experienced caste system we know exists in society. As Camille Bascott, her world revolves around winning and losing where it’s all about the game of life. I love how she professed her love for the indie medium in an interview, acknowledging it unleashes her creativity and how she has a solid bond with cast/crew. She’s been chasing her dream ever since and there’s every chance the vivacious Ms Whitney Nielsen will make us all swoon.

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