IFS Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Blonde Bombshell Lynnette Dolan

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With the curves and the sultry presence to incite our senses, Lynnette Dolan has mesmerizing qualities to leave us captivated. Somehow, it’s the laws of attraction to have a thing for blondes and Lynnette is a desirable lady. She has a supporting role in the short film “Ticket to the Haunted Mansion” which screens at this year’s IFS Film Fest. Lynnette has mostly been in independent features but being dedicated to her craft, that big break may just be heading her way! If ever there was a remake of “La Dolce Vita”, the film where Sex Symbol Anita Ekberg stirred many a loin, Lynnette should definitely be in the running. She is every bit as delectable in a bikini which seeing how Summer is almost upon us is a good time as any to be smitten with the lovely Lynnette.

She is both gorgeous and accommodating so here are fascinating and fun snippets of her life as an actress:

‘I’m sure most of us actors out there have had a few “Close Encounters”, so I know you guys can relate to some of these.

Sooo….I was filming a scene with a guy that I had never met before and he’s playing the role of my husband. (Now mind you, he thinks I’m already married to another guy on set) and he has the audacity to ask me to marry him in front of the whole cast and crew and the guy he thought I was married to. (was he drinkin’???) He was “totally serious”. Later we were baking in the hot sun waiting for our next scene and my feet were killing me. (I always forget to bring comfortable shoes…and well, I am a fashionista..lol) The guy starts fanning me and telling me that if he was my husband he would rub my feet (in a sexual way of course) right in front of the still photographer. UGH! Now it’s the evening and we’ve moved on to a different location and he tells me, “I found you on Facebook and you need to accept my friendship otherwise I won’t forgive you”. (Forgive me for what?) Sooo you guessed it, he and the guy that he thought I was married too got into a huge fight. Turns out he just happened to be the Directors good friend….ugh!! I didn’t mean to cause any problems. Think they’ll use me again??? lol

Okay so here’s another one…One time a 1st AD would not leave me alone, following me all over the set begging me to go out with him even though he knew I was married. He kept hitting on me for 2 1/2 days straight and telling me about how he’d like to party with me and what he’d do if I was his girlfriend, etc. By 3am on the last day, he must have been sleep deprived, as we all were and he started going into explicit detail about the things he do and the drugs we would take. I don’t do drugs (but there are other forms of enjoyment, like my Martini’s, Champagne and Wine…Yummy!!!) And, I am not the type of person to rat on someone, I always try to be the friendly one. Then a miracle happened!!! It was a wrap and I got to leave and of course he had to stay, never to be seen again…. Sooo, I didn’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings or get anyone in trouble. Yay!!! It’s all good.

One time I had a wardrobe girl hit on me..that was a bit uncomfortable for me, getting measured felt a little awkward…but friendly me just blew it off. I don’t’ care whether your straight or gay, it doesn’t matter to me. I love my job and would never make waves. I just let her politely know that I was married to a man and she was cool with and we had fun on set the rest of the shoot.

Once I was doing a lingerie shoot and there was another guy there filming a behind the scenes (if you what I mean..ugh) video, which most of the time is a normal thing. Butttt…I felt very uncomfortable with this one and felt that they were going to use that video for “other” uses..soooo, I made them sign a release forms saying they wouldn’t use those videos for anything. Nope, don’t do porn, sorry.

Another time I went on an audition way out in the middle of nowhere. It took me two hours to get out to a town I’d never heard of before (which is not like me, I’m usually drivin’ all over Southern California). It was in the opposite direction of Los Angeles for me, being that I live in Orange County. After driving through what looked like a war zone, (which was scary enough) I finally arrived at the location. There were no cars, no people and it looked like an abandoned old building. I checked the address to see if I had the right place and yep, I sure did. Hmm. Now, being that I’m always early, I sat there for about ten minutes wondering what I should do. My instincts told me to leave, so you bet your sweet bippie I did. The waste of gas and time was better than losing my life…whew!!!!

At another audition way out in the middle of nowhere (at a house mind you) turns out it was just a couple of guys looking for some young chicks to party with…lol They were telling the under aged girls to stay there and were giving them beer..really??? I mean, I’ve partied on set before, who hasn’t ..but at an audition?? Don’t think I got that one…lol

A long time ago (before I was married with children) I was on a modeling shoot, yay!! Love that camera!! When we were all done shooting, the photographer and I were going down the elevator together (no big deal) when all of a sudden the guy pulled out a blind fold and told me he wanted to put it on me and pretend like were in the movie 9 1/2 weeks…yikes!!! Thank goodness the elevator opened and someone came in to save the day..whew!!!

NOW, this one has got to be the best one!!! I was doing a Madonna shoot and I had no idea the photographer was in love with her. I din’t know this either but he had been drinking (I thought it was iced tea..ugh!!) Okay, well it was all good at first, but the more he drank the more obnoxious he became. He actually believed I was Madonna and attacked me. OMG!! It was the craziest thing. He kept telling me he loved me, oh Madonna you are soo beautiful, please leave your husband and marry me, you know I’ve loved you from the start (I’ve done other work for this photographer before). REALLY..who am I, Lynnette or Madonna??? (I’ll be happy to be her any day..lol) but shucks.. I was scared to death. Thank goodness there was a another photographer there who saved me..yay!!! He ended up dropping the guy off at a bus stop. (He didn’t drive and now I we know why..ugh!) Then that night, the cops called me and asked me if I knew someone by the name _________. I said no and that was that. Well, I found out a few days later that he got arrested for being drunk in public and passing out on the bus stop bench and then he was deported..wow! I had no idea he was even illegal or using a false name. You just never know. Too bad cuz I really liked the guy at first.

There are sooooo many more stories but these are just a few of the crazy ones. I do so love my job and all of my experiences, and by no means am I complaining . I actually enjoy it the majority of the time and count them all good. (I love being the center of attention..lol) Can’t wait for more… I’m a lucky girl, all thanks to God!!’

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