SIFF 2014 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Nathalie Fay

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The genial and photogenic Nathalie Fay is the sort of gal many can’t help but have an everlasting crush on. Expect her to be lauded as one of the hottest new faces to hit the film world! She stars in “Layover” as Simone, a young Parisian women who misses her connecting flight to Singapore where she’s about to be married but finds her true love may actually reside in the streets of LA. All this after she meets a mysterious stranger who offers her a ride on his motorcycle towards an adventure she didn’t see coming. As they say a beautiful woman can maketh a film and Nathalie has such a mesmerizing presence throughout. Screening at the 40th Seattle International Film Fest. Just like the visual tapestry that is the “Layover”, Nathalie is very pretty and hypnotic, a great fit as the lead of a film that reminds us of a time of romance.

I envision her as a fetching infatuation in many more roles to come. Hangover fans would have seen her in a funny scene with the Wolf Pack i.e. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis et al. Check it out above! Even in business wear, Nathalie is so strikingly hot which is a measure of her in-born allure. A Pinterest user went as far as including her in the board called ‘Sweet As Sin’! From Seattle to the world, Nathalie is quickly capturing hearts and turning us into devotees.

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