SIFF 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Marem Hassler

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Marem Hassler is the beautiful Swiss Miss with a refined sensuality and pleasant nature that will see her being treasured. She is slated to be the apple of our eyes in several thrilling shorts, TV series and indie features. With “Layover” already garnering buzz as we speak at SIFF, let’s give kudos to the cast which includes the ravishing Marem. She stars as Danielle who is the girlfriend of Simone (Nathalie Fay) as they meet on that one night out when she’s stranded in LA. Danielle is a party girl caught up in the LA night carousel of chasing party after party and according to Marem, it was a fun part to play…:) The genres she is passionate about are drama and action as Marem loves to embody a woman’s power. That could be through her decisiveness to physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally confront a path she is on, and challenge it’s course. Just like all that juicy stuff that life throws at you! It’s inspirational to hear about her drive to be a success and Marem has done plenty to suggest she’s on the up!

Here’s Marem giving us a tease of some of her upcoming projects:

‘I am part of the cast of “Metal Hurlant the Chronicles” , a french sci-fi show, that was just acquired from SyFy here in the US and recently aired. My episode was “Khondor” which featured Karl E. Landler who is the male lead in “Layover”- yep it’s a small world.:))

I’m prepping for an action project that is shooting in February 2015, in which I am the lead. I love playing tough roles that require me to prepare quite a bit:). Then I’m shooting an independent feature this summer here in LA, which is a psychological thriller/drama.

Last but not least I’ve just founded my own production company with one of my best friends, which is really a plus. getting to work with your friends is just more fun:)). Our company is called Viscus Film ( – viscus meaning guts and organs in Latin, and that’s kind of up our alley. we like to make strange and evocative films and projects. one of our first shorts is called Mute, which I will be directing.’

Remember to visit the MAREM HASSLER OFFICIAL SITE for her collection of videos from her commercial and Film/TV work. She is a sizzler indeed! Having known her these past weeks have been great for she’s super nice and one of the most pleasing actresses to talk with.

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