The Must Watch Hotties @ Hoboken International Film Fest 2014

1. Seregon O’Dassey in “Cleric”


– Without a doubt, Seregon is a Goddess and she’s a much desired Scream Queen who has a versatility suited for any genre she’s in.
– Watch her riveting performance as Samara in “Cleric”, a psychic enforcer who seeks revenge for a loved one in a future world beset by killings!
– Seregon also appears in “Bloody Slumber Party” and in the mysterious drama “Rock Story” with both films screening at the Hoboken Film Fest. That’s triple the viewing pleasure!

2. Tara Cardinal in “Legend Of The Red Reaper”


– In “Legend of the Red Reaper, she shines as Aella, a reaper who is destined to save the human race, delivering a compelling nuance to her role as a woman of fortitude in despairing times.
– Kudos to Tara for her dedication to see “The Legend Of The Red Reaper” get its due success despite some major setbacks. She is the epitome of the heart and soul of a female filmmaker whom we should all idolize.
– Having made a name for herself in horror, Tara’s beauty and intelligence will see her enchant across various genres in the coming months.

4. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn & Sarah Butler in “Treachery”

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– They are 2 of the sexiest women in the horror/thriller genre today and each bring their own dimension of allure in “Treachery”, the sex-driven psychological piece!
– Jennifer has already set tongues wagging with her nudie spread in Playboy Germany and she still looks as deliciously youthful as when she first started in the business.
– Sarah has wowed us in some of the most intense scenes onscreen ever and she’s a sweetheart/sexy siren who is one amazing young talent we can’t stop loving.

5. Suzi Lorraine in “In Fear Of: Gerontophobia”


– Fans will be awaiting her highly anticipated role as Sharon Tate in “House Of Manson” and she’s bound to be as alluring as the 60s Sex Symbol.
– A popular and beloved Scream Queen, Suzi stars in the second season of the phobia-tastic series “In Fear Of” as a woman who discovers the secrets to keeping herself youthful!
– We get to fawn over her more than once at the Hokoben Film Fest as she’s also in 2 other films, the horror flick “Bloody Slumber Party” and the dramatic feature “Rock Story”

6. Sean Young in “Send No Flowers”


– The renaissance of Sean Young is very much welcome and she’s still one of the most captivating faces we’ve been blessed to watch admiringly.
– She deserves much credit for her strong performance as Toni Albano, the daughter of an aging mobster in “Send No Flowers”, leading the film to an award-winning triumph.
– Great to see that the beautiful Sean is slated to appear on the sci-fi front with roles in “Star Trek: Renegades” and “Police State”. She is after all extra-ordinary!

7. Sanna Haynes in “Desires Of The Heart”


– Sanna is both gorgeous and multi-talented having excelled as a voice-over artist, writer, producer, and even an acting coach.
– This photogenic beauty’s devotion to the indie scene is to be applauded and she is enchanting in the inter-racial romance “Desires of the Heart”.
– Look out for Sanna in “Underhanded Truth” which is about beating the ‘glass ceiling’ and one where’s she currently in the throes of filming.

8. Deirdre Lorenz in “Snapshot”


– Deirdre has already graced the Hoboken Film Fest previously having been lauded for her work on the award winning “Santorini Blue”.
– In 2014, this babe with the stunning smile appears in “Snapshot” as a doctor, showing us once more why we should be passionately adoring her.
– The Eric Roberts starrer “Rock Story” seems to have cornered the market when it comes to the beautiful cast which includes the enticing Deirdre of course…:)

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