Dances With Films 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Esther Canata

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Esther Canata is a sexy siren with the flair to leave our senses transfixed and filled with fascination. Originally from the eastcoast (NJ and NYC), Esther could soon be receiving warm plaudits across the US, especially since she’s in a feature making its presence felt at this year’s edition of “Dances With Films”.

Watch her in “The Kid”, a tender coming of age story about coping with loss and growing up too fast. Esther plays the mum of the young main character who is an aspiring poet dealing with the curveballs of life that are beyond his tender years. She also has a 3D horror flick coming out soon called ‘American Mummy’ in which she’s one of the leads. It’s going to be a great dynamic role for her that threads a full spectrum of action with gore and mystery in the mix.

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“The Kid” is getting submitted world wide to several amazing festivals and 3D cult horror flick “American Mummy” will be coming out soon. Seeing how she’s also appearing in “The American Banker” coming out later this year, Esther will be at the top of our minds.

Esther is also a singer-songwriter and has been licensing her music to film and tv. Her current project is called TygerEye so take a listen to her music:

I’m currently addicted to the track “Run Like Hell” and this electro-pop tune is catchy to the hilt. Esther does indeed have a resonating essence that’s powerful yet intimately personal. Hey Adam Levine if you’re reading this, get her on the next season of “The Voice”!


With her multi-dimensional appeal, Esther is set to make a enticing impression on everyone and stardom could be just around the bend for her.

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