Dances With Films 2014 Spotlight: Ravishing Redhead Lynn Sher


Up and coming actress Lynn Sher is on the cusp of dazzling the indie world with her distinctive charm and her very seductive voice. It’s no wonder this foxy lady has already caught the eye on the red carpet at Dances With Films as the star of “Malory & Nicole”. Sporting some lovely bangs, Lynn is a beguiling vision. Her tattoos will be just as fascinating as her darkly sensual portrayal of Nicole who chances upon ex-convict Malory whilst he’s hitch-hiking.

Here’s Lynn giving us a teaser of the feature:

“Malory & Nicole” was the latest film I shot… I play a woman on a mission – that’s really all I can say. It’s a dark, erotic thriller about revenge without consequence”

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, she was in NYC for 10 years. While in NYC, she played a tattoo artist named Gracey on the series “NYC22”, that unfortunately got canceled. However, she has been doing a lot of indie films in NY and out of the area with “Malory & Nicole” on the way to earning her much deserved praise. Lynn has always been drawn to dramatic roles and she shines whether as a love interest or someone beautifully tragic. Since her emergence in Portland, Lynn has been plugging into the theater community having done plenty in NY too. Producers in Portland should really be eyeing her for roles on “Grimm” or “Portlandia” so let’s wish her tons of luck! Lynn does bring an edginess onscreen that will impress plenty of indie fans soon enough.

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