Brooklyn Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Danelle Eliav

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A blossoming thespian on both theatre and film, Danelle Eliav is ready to make a tellingly engaging impression. Her curly locks and attractive smile beckon pleasantly for our eyes with a sustained charm. Best known for being the producer of indie gem “Emoticon ;)”, she’s a genuine talent among rising talents which include director/star Livia De Paolis and Diane Guerrero (who is currently the sizzler in “Orange Is The New Black”). At this year’s Brooklyn Film Festival, Danelle has a supporting role in “Victoriana”, the drama about achieving your dreams but at what cost.

One can sense Danelle is on the road to the limelight as she’ll be involved in the Barefoot Theatre Company’s 15th Anniversary Star-Studded Gala at SVA Beatrice Theatre 323 West 23rd Street on Monday June 23rd, 2014. As the Associate Producing Director of Barefoot, Danelle will be acting in and producing the Gala, which will feature some of New York’s most famous talents. Some of the acclaimed names to have graced the event include Ethan Hawke, Bobby Cannavale, Annabella Sciorra and Anna Chlumsky. She is the recipient of the Rising Star Award for her short film “The Girl And The Spanish Boy” at the Canada International Film Fest in 2011. Wrestling fans will also rejoice as Danelle is the associate producer on the upcoming documentary of one of wrestling’s famed villains, The Iron Sheik! Find out more about this exciting project here:

Danelle is slated to star in Lesser America’s World Premiere of Lucas Kavner’s (Fish Eye at HERE Arts Center) Carnival Kids from June 5-28 at TBG Theatre. She graces the stage as Kalina, a young Syrian costume designer who in her pursuit of citizenship enters into a complex relationship with an older man from Texas. It’s obvious Danelle is enchanting us on multiple fronts and her time to dazzle the world is on the horizon.  

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