Rising Starlet: Anna Enger

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Anna Enger is one of the most exquisite faces on film right now and her delectable factor is unmistakable. If Gabriella Wilde is the epitome of girl next door sweetness for the blonde brigade then Anna is the personification of comely elegance for brunette babes. They both star in “Endless Love” of course with Anna playing the role of Sabine, the girlfriend of Jade’s (Gabriella) older brother Keith (Rhys Wakefield). All of this doesn’t go down well with the siblings authoritarian dad Hugh (Bruce Greenwood) and there lies the melodrama of troubling romance. Anna shimmers in all her scenes and her beauty comes off the screen with such palpable magnetism. “Endless Love” is the remake of the 1981 film which starred Brooke Shields and even saw Tom Cruise make his debut!

“The Vampire Diaries” addicts will recognize Anna as Dana who was part of the love triangle with Matt and Caroline back in Season 3. She does look sumptuous in the cheerleader outfit I must say and there’s even a tumblr dedicated to her. She was also in an episode of “Devious Maids” which has returned on TV. Wow! She did have a start in horror movies having nabbed the lead role in “Savage” and “Into The Darkness” where she spent quite a bit of time running for her life. Despite not being a horror fan at that time, Anna pushed herself to adeptly churn out what was fear brewing in her characters.

Anna’s exotic heritage has certainly kept many guessing with some guessing she’s Spanish or Hawaiian but she’s actually a delightful mix of Filipina and Norwegian. She was born in the Philippines and moved to the Pacific island of Guam at the age of 2 before settling down in Georgia. Personally speaking, I would love to see Anna becoming a romantic leading lady in a movie or on a television series. Lo and behold, she has been cast in USA Network’s gritty new medical drama pilot “Complications” which should garner her plenty of admirers.

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