Latin Vixen: Marissa Armijo

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Look to television to be the medium of fascination as emerging actresses such as the beautiful Marissa Armijo piques our sentiments. Watch her as ADA Lopez in “Murder In The First” on TNT which is already ranking as one of the top debut series on cable. ADAs themselves have been represented by some very alluring women including Diane Neal (as Casey Novak in “Law & Order:SVU”) and Elisabeth Rohm (as Serena Southerlyn in “Law & Order”). Marissa herself has the enigmatic touch and we can’t wait to see how her character unfolds in the upcoming episodes of “Murder In The First”. Could she find herself in conflict with San Francisco homicide detectives Kathleen Robertson who plays Hildy Mulligan and Taye Diggs (Terry English)? With positive reviews all around about its intriguing murder mystery formula, this could be one of the shows that makes a lasting impression in 2014!

“Criminal Minds” fans may also remember her as Marisa Devon who was mooted as the motivation behind a wave of murders reminiscent of the Zodiac Killings in the episode “True Heroines”. Many an established celeb has taken root in many of the hit TV shows and likewise we would love to see fresh faces gain popularity from their work on the various networks. This could be the start of something special for Marissa and there’s every chance audiences will adore this vivacious gal.

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