Must Watch Sizzlers @ The Female Eye Film Festival 2014

1. Júlia Ubrankovics in “Remedy”


– “Virtually a Virgin” was the film that put Júlia on the map with her sensual innocence as an impoverished 18-year-old sold into prostitution being a star-making performance.
– She channels seductiveness once again as the Mistress Chanel in “Remedy”, a tale of BDSM and the psychological after-effects of this lurid fetish of the sex industry.
– This award-winning Hungarian actress is striking on any medium and she compliments her gorgeousness with her lovably, humble demeanor.

2. Nicole St Martin, Director of “A Bloody Mess”


– On top of dazzling us as an actress, Nicole’s short “A Bloody Mess” will get us talking with its wicked take on the crimson tide a.k.a. periods!
– Off screen, she’s thoroughly personable. On screen, she inveigled us as a rather devious murderer in an episode of the hit Canadian series “Murdoch Mysteries”.
– As a co-chair of TAWC, Nicole has helped to ensure women’s stories are seen and heard which means audiences get to marvel at the wonders of Canada’s finest…:)

3. Katie Boland in “Looking Is The Original Sin”


– While Tatiana Maslany is one of TV’s biggest stars, Katie is Canada’s brightest indie darlings, enthralling the masses in numerous roles.
– Her intimate portrayal as Anna, a young girl emotionally abandoned by her unstable photographer mother in “Looking Is The Original Sin” is proof of her captivating allure.
– Take into account her 2 other much lauded indie films “Gerontophilia” as well as “Sex After Kids” and you have the fetching Katie as our ever-growing Canadian addiction!

4. Paula Giroday in “When I Saw You”


– Already a fixture on TV, Paula is also well known for her entertaining web series “The True Heroines” infusing cabaret and witty drama.
– Starring in “When I Saw You” which uses an innovative concept as it’s told almost entirely in voice-over and yet Paula’s beautiful soul gives the film the humanistic touch.
– A storyteller and dancer which are among her many beguiling facets, Paula is already one of the most delectable women to have graced the Canadian film industry.

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