Philadelphia Independent Film Fest 2014: Indie Queen Mara New

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Elegance has always been at the forefront of any film festival and the enchanting Mara New is a beauty of infinite grace. She does channel classy resplendence as Hollywood producer Eleonore Donte in “Doradus” which screens on June 25th at this year’s Philadelphia International Film Festival. From the start as Eleonore, Mara is charismatic as her path crosses with a young TV writer Demitri who pitches his script “Doradus”; a tale of ghosts. Check out a clip from the short film (above) as the two have their differences in opinions. Mara has also been featured in the August issue of Shine On Hollywood magazine which can be read here:

After reading the extensive article, you will find her to be one of the most fascinating women in this creative era. Besides being a consummate actress, Mara has some interesting skills including painting and jewellery making. This Milan-born actress is also multilingual which is such a valuable asset in the industry she’s in! It allows her to take on a myriad of roles effortlessly and does believe in owning those that fit her personality. Her mantra of believing in herself and being down-to-earth are definitely the traits which fans will love about Mara. In fact, unbridled passion is set to be overflowing for Mara in 2014 and beyond as she casts her magic spell upon us.

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