The Hottest Actresses @ Philadelphia International Film Festival 2014

1. Hollis Sherman-Pepe in “Valediction”

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– One of the most riveting performances we’ll get to see this year with Hollis starring in “Valediction” as Kelly, a woman who takes the meaning of love all the way to the grave. Till Death Do Us Part indeed!
– With her predilection towards the darkness within dramas, she’s a rising starlet certain to be a fascinating watch in the coming months.
– She’s slated to appear in the horror comedy “Werewolves In Heat” and this is a summer for swooning starting with the delectably talented Hollis!

2. Katie Hyde in “Mount Joy”

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– Some actresses are destined to be indie darlings favored by many and the ebullient Katie has numerous fetching qualities for us to admire.
– Not only is she captivating in “Mount Joy”, Katie also writes and produces this tale of broken dreams amidst devastating secrets!
– With numerous positive reviews, Katie’s authenticity stands out and one of the reasons we should be keeping our eyes peeled for her future projects.

3. Hannah Fierman in “The Unwanted”


– Ever since her striking performance in the horror flick “V/H/S”, we’ve been hooked on Hannah and she definitely is ravishing even if she’s covered up in crimson blood!
– She follows up with another memorable turn as the emotionally conflicted Laura in “The Unwanted” which threads on vampirism with its own spin on the mythos.
– With her incredible presence on screen and affable personality, Hannah who will be in a slew of exciting upcoming projects is already a delightful obsession!

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