Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Nantucket Film Festival 2014

1. Castille Landon in “Among Ravens”

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– Castille is a dazzler among many which includes Amy Smart and a surprising turn from singer Natalie Imbruglia in the much talked about drama “Among Ravens”.
– Her come-hither sensibilities as hippie chick Saturn Moon will draw plenty of admirers! Check out her segment with Amy Smart here:
– With a beguiling smile to melt hearts and the comely appeal to last a lifetime, she’s a promising starlet who could soon be everyone’s lips!

2. Ava Paloma in “Reaching Home”


– Having been blessed to have done an interview with the luscious Ava for the feature “Reaching Home” where she’s one of the stars, the film is making its festival rounds and Ava’s uninhibited portrayal merits viewing from every indie fan.
– She is one of those hotties who are impeccable regardless of the medium they’re in and a testament to the magnetic beauty she has in abundance.
– Watch the short film “Amber” and see Ava being a vision of seduction who gets involved with a philandering lawyer.

3. Lucy Walters in “Big Girl”


– From indie flicks to television, Lucy Walters is already lauded as one of the most desirable actresses with quite the blossoming career ahead of her.
– Isn’t it any wonder she’s a regular on this blog with her turns on the new series “Power” and the indie feature “Lies I Told My Sister” being the avenues to be infatuated with her.
– In the short film “Big Girl”, she plays a mom of an inquisitive girl and while there’s no trailer, look out for Lucy in the other horror short “The Grey Matter” which is screening at the San Antonio Film Festival this week!

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