Aussie Vixen: Claire Scott

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Claire Scott is a bewitching Australian actress with the growing appeal that could take off and turn her into a sensation. Ever since her move from the Blue mountains of Sydney to the glitzy streets of Hollywood, Claire has already shown she’s passionate about her craft and in doing so she’s strived for success. If you’re into foxy actresses from Down Under i.e. Claire Holt (“The Originals”), Teresa Palmer to name a few, then you’ll be lining up to witness the magnetism of Claire Scott in much the same way. Having spent a large part of my life in Australia, they’re certainly dear to my heart and would be for many around the globe. Especially since she’s heating up proceedings in the thriller “Liars All” where a provocative game of ‘Truth Or Dare’ between friends spiral into murder. Throw in sexual desire from all sides and we have a whodunit where everyone is a suspect of a primal sense. Claire is quite the tease in this one and it’s great she gets to keep her Aussie accent as it radiates sensuality. Take a glimpse of her latest reel:

It’s no wonder Claire is slated to sizzle even more with the news that her short film “Love and Dating in LA!” has been selected to screen during the HollyShorts Film Festival running from Aug 14-23 TLC Chinese Theatres Hollywood. Reminiscent of the movie “American Psycho”, Claire plays Candace, the love interest of a serial killer looking to score big in the City Of Angels, in a bloody way that is! Will she be able to survive this hazardous dating scene?? Having already acted opposite renowned Aussie actor Guy Pearce, it’s only a matter of time before she’s rubbing shoulders with the luminaries. Who knows she may yet get to be in a film with Meryl Streep which has been her ambition. Right now, Claire is delighting us with every feature in what will go a long way in leaving us wanting more…:)

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