Foxy Femme: Caitlyn Folley


It’s easy to be fascinated by the gorgeous Caitlyn Folley since she is more than capable of channeling both her sultry and sweet facets. You can see Caitlyn at her sensual best in the indie horror flick “SX_Tape”. As the sexually uninhibited Jill who decides to make a sex tape in an abandoned mansion, she and her partner soon find out it’s not all that fun! They end up fighting for survival as a mysterious presence seeks to end their lives. While found-footage films may no longer be the new kid on the horror block, “SX_Tape” does shine with its graphic violence and sprinklings of dark comedy. As does possession films such as the recently released “Deliver Us From Evil” which like “SX_Tape” can be downright creepy! The characters are certainly worth investing in and kudos to Caitlyn for taking on such an adventurous role which of course involves taking her kit off! She does indeed appeal to our basic instincts throughout the film as painting in the buff naturally tends to do. Add her credible portrayal as a victim of the supernatural and you have a talented gal on show.

Her upcoming feature “Nightmare Code” will be just as intriguing especially when it melds technology and horror. It’s about a behavior-recognition software which begins to change human behavior and is the prelude to disaster. Can’t wait to see what naughtiness if any Caitlyn gets to explore in this one. The time of the indie starlet has grown in popularity these past few years and Caitlyn should herself be regarded as one to keep an adoring eye on.

One thought on “Foxy Femme: Caitlyn Folley

  1. I read about this Nightmare Code movie somewhere else. Looks very cool, can’t wait to see CF in it.

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