The Hottest Actresses at Outfest LGBT Film Festival 2014 – Part 1

1. Tamzin Brown in “Eternity: The Movie”


– Make Love, Not Just Sex is the tagline of “Eternity: The Movie” which takes us back to the 80s and Tamzin’s character Kelly is bound to be colorful (see pic above).
– This English-born vixen can melt hearts at an instant and she’s quite the classy lady with the memorably delightful Brit accent.
– Action thriller “The Adderall Diaries” must surely be her ticket to fondness especially since she’s starring with luminaries James Franco, Amber Heard and Wilmer Valderrama.

2. Maria Dizzia in “X/Y”


– In “X/Y”, a tale of the desire for connection will see Maria in a supporting role with the likes of America Ferrara in this drama full of fascinating characters. While there’s a lack of a trailer, see Maria shine in the indie flick “Clutter” (above).
– The most anticipated film this year is one that stars Maria as the wife of one of FBI’s most wanted criminals played by James Franco in “True Story”.
– For all those OISTB addicts, remember to catch Maria as Polly Harper who shows her jailbird best friend Piper much support without reciprocation.

3. Andrea Grano in “BFFs”


– Having noticed how deliciously curvaceous Andrea is and being one of the dazzlers in the comedy “BFFs”, everyone will be lining up to be her friend too!
– She and fellow creator of BFFs Tara Karsian are the riveting duo who take the female bromance in “BFFs” to comedic heaven.
– The political thriller “No God, No Master” which saw Andrea garnering a Best Supporting Actress nomination is indicative of the immense talents of the eye-catching Andrea.

4. Shauna Baker & Elizabeth Frances in “Drunktown’s Finest”

 alt=  alt=

– We know Shauna and Elizabeth as 2 of the sexiest actresses of Native heritage and their appeal goes even further since they are both super pleasant to their fans.
– Both are on their way to becoming indie festival darlings and with the exposure “Drunktown’s Finest” is getting, there’s plenty of wonder still to come from the duo.
– Each of them comes with their brand of allure with Shauna being ever so photogenic and Elizabeth a sweetheart whenever she takes to the screen.

5. Najarra Townsend in “Good Morning Lucille”


– It’s time to give this girl an award since Najarra has been wowing us non-stop from turns as a zombie by way of STD and as a roller-skating tease in 2014.
– In the dark comedy “Good Mourning Lucille”, she plays dual roles as two sisters, one of which is searching for her sister’s killer!
– All the feedback and comments I’ve gathered about Najarra comes to one conclusion. She is undeniably one of the most ravishing women to have ever grace the screen big or small.

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