Screen Siren: Andrea Sooch

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When it comes to gorgeous and talented women such as Andrea Sooch, her fascinating persona is there to be loved by everyone. Certainly in the realm of television, she’s going to be rather intriguing. She will be playing Jade, a madame who runs her “institute” on psychodramatic principles in episode 3 of “Taxi Brooklyn” which airs on NBC this week. Doing her best to legitimize her operations as a therapeutic establishment even though there’s skimpily clad ladies around, she gets on the wrong side of Detective Caitlyn Sullivan (Chyler Leigh).”Taxi Brooklyn”, is the latest series to hit TV land and is based on the French version “Taxi” written by the great Luc Besson. From the photo I saw of Andrea as Jade, she’s both confident as well as regal as this woman of standing. It’s easy to see how she commands the screen and why she’s been lauded as exquisite with the strength of elegance.

Having already guest-starred on the popular series “Law And Order”, she’s about to hit even bigger heights with her upcoming appearance on the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire. There’s no doubt Andrea would fit it in any era in character as she makes quite the impression with her gentility which we know are traits of days gone by. With a time jump of 7 years on “Boardwalk Empire” as the Great Depression era become the focus, there will be ample opportunity for Andrea to showcase her dramatic chops. This hungarian-born femme is more than capable of being thoroughly enchanting and we’ll be right here waiting to fall under her spell.

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