Canadian Vixen: Katy Breier


Blessed with doe-eyed sweetness, Katy Breier is likely assured of a succession of lovable praises from us. She could also well be Canada’s bewitching answer to US actress Kate Mara as she channels much adored innocence and is about to dazzle on our screens. Guillermo Del Toro’s book to screen adaptation of “The Strain” premieres on July 13th and in episode 3, viewers will be able to catch Katy. Expect the series to return to the bloody roots of vampirism banishing previous incarnations of the bloodsuckers as lovelorn puppies. The most chilling thing of course is the similarities between the plot and the still unsolved mystery of Malaysian Airlines MH-370 that vanished into thin year in March 2014. While there’s no vampires in our world, it begs the question what other nefarious beings are out there which could have thrown MH-370 into nothingness!

Here’s Katy talking about her appearance in “The Strain”:

‘I guess I’ll just jump right in then! The role I play on The Strain is as Lauretta. She’s a young woman working as a receptionist at a pest control office in queens New York. She’s a bit of a lovesick puppy I’d say. Her and one of the principal characters of the series Vasily Fet played by the lovely Kevin Durand…;) have a bit of a flirtation going on and if I’ve done my job right, I hope that people will be rooting for Lauretta to get her man! Now I obviously can’t really say too much more about the project but because its Guillermo Del Toro’s baby you can imagine it gets kinda dark.’

Katy is no stranger to TV having guest-starred in the very first season of “Being Human” (US version), another vampire-themed show of course. In the first two episodes, she played Cara the nurse who had a flirtation with handsome vamp Aidan in the hospital where they worked. Her future project is likewise going to be a big one, the film that should be released this coming fall called “The Calling”, starring one of her idols Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, Gil Bellows, Ellen Burstyn and Donald Sutherland. With such an intimidating cast in this crime thriller, Katy plays yet another quirky receptionist who was a super fun character to play and she got to work with an amazing bunch of people! She also filmed a pilot for a web series last year that’s about to get off the ground. The favorably cute Katy is on her way to be a breakout star and she already has my vote!

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