The Must Watch Hotties @ Indy Film Fest 2014

1. Elaine Kao in “Made In Chinatown”


– Kudos to the amazing Elaine for reminding us of the wealth of Asian talents with her mesmeric portrayal of a factory seamstress in “Made In Chinatown”
– Playing the character Mai who discovers her pregnancy after an affair with the factory owner’s son, Elaine captivates throughout as the emotionally troubled soul.
– Versatile in the skin of various personalities on both film and television, Elaine has also appeared opposite Kristen Wiig in the hit “Bridesmaids”.

2. Rachel McKeon in “Homemakers”


– “Homemakers” is the type of comedy that will no doubt install Rachel as a very appealing indie darling and she’s certain to gain a huge following.
– As the quirky Irene McCabey, her compellingly kooky nuances is just the impetus audiences need to be suitably entertained.
– Rachel McKeon is a name we’ll be hearing plenty of especially as she’s able to be relatable onscreen which is a most desirable trait.

3. Suziey Block in “If We Were Adults”

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– From horror to dark comedy, Suziey has been riveting. Be captivated by her performances in “Entrance” as well as “If We Were Adults”
– In “If We Were Adults, she shone as Izzy who together with her partner Mitch discover marriage is not always a bed of roses!
– “The Pact 2” is one of Suziey’s upcoming films that continues the supernatural elements from the first film “The Pact” and elevates them much more eerily.

4. Sylvia Grace Crim in “Big Significant Things”


– Her prominent role to date is as Grace in “Big Significant Things” which saw her attend SXSW and subsequently this road-trip tale became a firm favorite.
– Thanks to her accommodating nature, I was lucky to have interviewed Sylvia and this rising starlet will soon catch the fancy of the world!
– Only recently on a forum, she was lauded as a sexy actress alongside names such as Asia Argento and Monica Bellucci so she’s certainly inviting for our eyes.

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