The Must Watch Vixens At Comic Con 2014

Soska Twins, The Sizzling Directors of “See No Evil 2”


– The hits keep on coming for the dynamic Soska Sisters with the upcoming “See No Evil 2”, another cinematic triumph following their riveting body horror flick “American Mary”.
– Jen and Sylvia will be in their full cosplay glory at the premiere of “See No Evil 2” as part of Horror Highlights on Thursday July 24th!
– Their next project is the hugely anticipated segment of the XX all-female directed horror anthology which is sending shivers of excitement for horror fans.

2. Ellen Dubin in “Nobility”


– Cult figures such as sci-fi hottie Ellen Dubin are why Comic Con rocks and she has been a source of captivation in numerous shows most notably “Lexx”.
– She stars in the new series “Nobility” as Col. Theia who sees the divine mission to convert humanity to her people’s ways and move towards a higher stage of evolution.
– Having done voicover for “Elder Scrolls Online” and “Skyrim”, Ellen is already the fantasy of every fanboy/gamer around the world!

3. Kristen Nedopak Geek Goddess


– There’s a good reason why she’s known as one of Comic Con’s ‘Most Dangerous Woman’. Kristen is dangerously sexy and has kicked ass recently in “The Skyrim Parodies”
– This Saturday she sits on a panel at 1pm and all the more reason to start having crushes for the enigmatic Kristen.
– The Geekie Awards was created by Kristen and come August expect the 2014 edition that’s specially made for Geeks to be memorably entertaining!

4. Serena Lorien in “Necrolectric”

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– Get to meet the cast of the new mini series “Necroelectric” including the sexy Serena who will be signing at the Holzheimer booth #3745.
– London-born Serena plays Miranda, a strong, in-charge woman who is a mysterious figure.
– Here is an actress who can effortlessly pull off glamor and yet she is about to scare us as Patricia Krenwinkel in the upcoming “House of Manson”!

5. Clare Grant & Rileah Vanderbilt of “Team Unicorn”


– Team Unicorn has been much fantasized over the years thanks to these two women who exude sex appeal with quite the verve.
– Geekdom is very much part of their makeup and of course the Wonder Woman short film starring Rileah and Clare made headlines around the world!
– Fans should come on Saturday and catch this delicious duo dressed up as Star Trek Playboy Bunnies! “Live long and prosper.”

6. Natalie Shaw in “From The Woods”


– Hot off Cannes, her short film “From The Woods” is making its way to San Diego’s Comic Con with an expectant buzz!
– She has been receiving praise as a style maven worthy of the elegance that Cannes is best known for and she’s definitely getting noticed wherever she goes.
– On the fast track to becoming a genuine Indie Sweetheart, the vivacious Natalie could already be an audience favorite.

7. Holland Roden in “Teen Wolf”


– My mum lauds her as a doll and with good reason as her porcelain skin features makes her one of the cutest women on Television right now!
– Many would have seen her July/August 2014 Maxim US photoshoot which substantiates why this ravishing redhead is the resident object of obsession.
– Allison Argent may no longer be on “Teen Wolf” but we kind of knew Lydia (Holland) is a Sex Symbol on the show who will have you howling for more…:)

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