Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 26th July 2014

1. Jamie Noel in “The Coed and the Zombie Stoner”


– Jamie’s voluptuous lips are the measure of her sexy nature and she looks delectable on every medium she’s graced.
– In the comedy “The Coed and The Zombie Stoner”, she stars as Bambi, the sorority head who wants every girl in her charge to get a boyfriend. Cue the flesh-eating zombies to put a spanner in the works!
– She does have the curves and the sex appeal to last a lifetime which does mean everyone will take a shine to her in no time.

2. Katie Walder in “Come Back To Me”

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– In the gripping thriller “Come Back To Me” premiering this week, don’t miss Katie as Sarah, the young wife of casino employee Josh (Matt Passmore who currently stars in “Satisfaction”) who has gory dreams of her violent death!
– There’s some scary moments to keep you on the edge of your seat and with Katie having such comely features, viewers will be insisting she survives in this horror flick.
– Television has also been the medium she’s been consistently enchanting us with roles on hit shows such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “New Girl” being top picks.

3. Caroline Williams & Manoush in “Seed 2: The New Breed”

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– Caroline and Manoush are already 2 of horror’s most adored personalities and they’re certainly aiming to amaze us every time they’re onscreen
– Catch the duo in the new film of bloody terror “Seed 2: The New Breed” as their characters may not be as angelic as first thought.
– When it comes to gritty indie horror, Manoush is the Queen while Caroline should be lauded as one of the sexiest women to have graced the horror scene.

4. Melissa Lowe in “Reckless”

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– She has the best of both worlds; a toned body to die for and that captivating face we’ll take a liking to! She does hail from the South, the land of gorgeousness…:)
– Melissa appears in the latest episode of “Reckless” this week and with the series set in sultry Charleston, expect her to heat things up.
– You can also see her in the webseries “The Lumber Baron of Jasper County” and don’t you just love her Southern accent.

5. Rachel Heller in “Innocence”


– Just like her movie the witchfest called “Innocence”, Rachel is a vision of sweetness and she has a confidence that’s so approachable
– One has to admit the female cast are truly good-looking with the enigmatic Rachel joining the likes of pretty newcomer Sophie Curtis and “Black Box” star the always beguiling Kelly Reilly.
– She’s also writing a series of books, proving her talents extend beyond film and she has all the makings of a future star.

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