Indie Princess: Silvia Spross

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We need to start craving for the eye-catching faces of indie cinema and one to be roundly fancied is the comely Silvia Spross. Her adeptness at channeling varying looks both on and off screen is to be cherished. Her attractiveness is without question and the fact that she’s enchanting us with varying facets of herself across genres makes her a must watch. She can be seen in the horror flick “The Cloth” starring Danny Trejo and her terror-filled run on film is ever growing with the upcoming “Bloody Bobby” being one of the most anticipated. Silvia was also involved in the project called “A Winter Rose” about a rising music star whose early roots are not the most favorable.

Here’s Silvia spilling the beans about her co-stars in “A Winter Rose”:

‘Talented actor Robert Miano (most known for Donnie Brasco as Sonny Red) produced this movie and it came out about or was inspired by him and I watching the show called ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol’ oh and ‘Smash’. I made him watch it and He felt inspired to create something … you know the American Dream Type Thing. Start from nothing and have a chance of a life time … and take it … or too afraid to take it.

For the fact that Robert started off as a singer … we just liked the whole idea. He even sang one song too called ‘Born in the City’ and of course Riz Story, the writer, added his own spin on everything, based it a little bit or a lot … we don’t really know on a very talented ex-girlfriend of his.

However … I know there’s a reason for everything I believe … Robert found Theresa Russell and she accepted. Wow !!! Now she was phenomenal. Loved her performance, she made me cry just watching her. Powerful and quiet perfect for the role.

Now other things like, who knew Paul Sorvino the Goodfellas actor has an amazing opera voice and serenaded us between the takes, seriously almost between every take, it was awesome !!

… Billy Zane came in for an afternoon, did his thing, nailed the scene and was gone !! Zip !! He of course great !! And he is very funny too !!

… Andy Dick … now that was funny, he improvised a scene and it was thrilling to watch him go on and on … portrays an alcoholic out of control, so funny and so talented

… we even had the honor to have George Lazenby beautifying our set. He pretty much admired all the pretty ladies that were in his present … pretty much every lady that was in eye level … or in his view – LOL.

And not to forget talented Taryn Manning … oh she’s so cute. One of the scenes we did was in a church .. her singing with her friend Ilia together … it sounded so cool !!!

… oh actually Riz, who not only wrote but also directed and and and … He did so many things on this project, a multi-faceted and talented personality for sure, had originally ….

– Taryn Manning in mind for the leading part of A Winter Rose ….

…. and she wasn’t interested or able (who knows) to do it at the time but once we started filming and had it going, we asked her to play a smaller part, She accepted !!!’

Wow’s there’s some really juicy info there and it’s much more fascinating when we hear it from Silvia who clearly had a great time on set. She is also directing and starring in a short film called “Reflections” which is premiering Aug 16 at the IFQ Film Festival. It does mean we find ourselves wanting more of her!

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