Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Lisa Roumain

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A radiant beauty, Lisa Roumain has been a charmer on film, the web and in several commercials. At this year’s Hollyshorts Film Fest, she is appearing in “The Mortality of Sara Lenson” which tells of a woman’s life changes after discovering she has a rare brain tumor. This year’s edition starting August 14th is going to be massive with top short films showcasing the work of amazing female talents who are fascinating in their own right. With a huge line up of actresses whom I’m blessed to know, it’s fitting to start featuring each starting with the gorgeous Lisa. Having already been celebrated as Best Actress Award nominee at the Indie Series Awards for her stirring work on the web series “Split”, it speaks of Lisa’s ever growing appeal to audiences. As a woman of mixed heritage (she’s Puerto Rican with Italian, Haitian and Scottish roots), there’s also the fact that she’s extremely inviting. Thanks to Lisa, here’s news on her other feature screening at Hollyshorts which has won many awards including the coveted Cine Eagle Award and Gold Remi award at Houston World Fest, and it was an Audience Award Winner at it’s Hollyshorts monthly screening. Check out the info and trailers here at http://kingeternalthefilm.com.

On “Split”, she is irresistibly watchable as Dana Lafferty, a devoted wife who discovers her husband’s infidelity and engages him in a bitter divorce. Her portrayal of a woman mired in emotional breakdown remain grounded, never going off tangent into histrionics and making this such a relatable character. Back to the world of short films, she’s also in an intriguing one entitled “Monster In A House” where she’s a woman with a different set of relationship problems with her husband. Those cracks start to manifest themselves as the titular monster which her daughter somehow encounters and must defeat to save her parents. This is yet another story of Lisa showcasing her dramatic chops and on her way to beguiling us.

The informative LISA ROUMAIN OFFICIAL SITE has plenty of updates including videos of her current as well as upcoming projects. A lot of reasons for you to discover the captivation Lisa can bring onscreen.

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