Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: British Vixen Fiona Hardingham

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If you can’t get enough of British actresses, it’s because of women like Fiona Hardingham who is such a cutie, it’s addictive! Together with Latin talents, the lovely gals across the ponds are now very much sought after and viewers are craving for even more. We do have our sirens for example Natalie Dormer or sex bombs i.e. Alice Eve but every so often we need funny women like Fiona to uplift our senses. Want a comedy with a Korean Flavor? Then watch Fiona as Amber in “Manager” who together with her boyfriend, the titular building manager discovers his tenants from Korea are dead. Assuming it is murder, he teams up with his girl Amber to solve the deaths with their own devices. One can already sense dark, side-splitting humor ahead which would make “Manager” a must watch at this year’s Hollyshorts Film Fest when it screens on Aug 16. You must love how she dresses down while in character, opting to add an amusingly quirky side to her role as from her photos, Fiona is delightfully attractive.

She’s a whiz with accents too, flowing from Russian to American with ease which you can watch in her wonderful reel (above). Fiona is also know for her voice over work on the Shut Up! Cartoons 10 part animation series, Otaku Taco Truck on youtube. Expect her star to rise when the upcoming feature “The DUFF” is released in 2015 as she joins a kooky cast led by Ken Jeong, Mae Whitman and Allison Janney. In between, she’s in several projects that spans horror, drama and of course comedy.

According to a study, these are the TOP 5 ATTRACTIVE TRAITS IN WOMEN as ideal to the modern man.

1. Funny

2. Thoughtful

3. Sociable

4. Confident

5. Romantic

It’s no surprise to say that Fiona will be very much desired in the months ahead.

Remember to drop by the FIONA HARDINGHAM OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates on this English sweetheart.

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