Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 12th August 2014

1. Mary Elizabeth Boylan in “Antisocial Behavior”

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– Mary is the leading lady of “Antisocial Behaviour” as Wendy, the new girlfriend of Joe (Jackson Kuehn), a socially awkward artist whose descend into madness is rather freakish.
– Now you can download this psychological horror flick from iTunes, PPV and OnDemand. It will give you chills and thrills!
– Having shown her indie cred in the well received “Getting Lemons” (she attained a Best Female Filmmaker nomination), she will by eye-catching in “LVJ” an independent sci-fi action comedy about a 1970s British agent.

2. Aria McKenna in “The Global Cooling Project”


– By far one of the nicest actresses on this planet, Aria is having her birthday on 15th August and I’m showering her with love for never failing to acknowledge a fan like me.
– Please support this Birthday Girl and her cause “The Global Cooling Project” together with Revolution Earth meant to help create a golden trine between Ecology, Economy, and Entertainment. Show your support here: ttps://
– She is an actress known for her emotionally intimate work, impressing audiences as Sandra Penny, a lost soul who sparks a torrid affair in “Brilliant Mistakes”.

3. Aurelia Scheppers in “Model Behavior”


– If you don’t know by now, the stunning Aurelia has a pair of mesmerizing eyes certain to captivate for days on end.
– Don’t miss her in the comedy sketch “Model Behavior” about the lengths a model has to go through at photo shoots. She does spends a great deal of time in her bikini!
– Together with Alexandra Daddario, Aurelia and her are thoroughly ravishing so should portray sisters onscreen which is a double act we are sure to covet!

4. Jordan Hayes in “What If”

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– Jordan was recently at Comic Con 2014 where she was an absolute cutie at the panel for her sci-fi series “Helix” which is returning for Season 2!
– Moviegoers will get to see her in the Daniel Radcliffe romantic comedy “What if” about a guy who hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships.
– Mackenzie Davis who is also starring in “What If” is not the only Canadian darling stirring hearts as Jordan is lusciousness in every sense of the word.

5. Jessica Luza in “Let’s Be Cops”


– Watch our for Jessica in the buddy comedy “Let’s Be Cops” where she’s a mean LA girl who believes she’s better than anyone else.
– A guest-star on several high-profile shows such as “House” and “The Following”, she’s also worked with James Franco in the fantasy flick “The Labyrinth”.
– Just like her upcoming feature “V/H/S: Viral”, Jessica is likely to be a talent who will garner plenty of attention this year and beyond.

6. Jenny Allford in “Sleeping Beauty”


– Jenny stars in the indie re-telling of the classic fairytale “Sleeping Beauty” as a princess cursed into eternal sleep by a wicked witch.
– From horror to fantasy, she’s drop dead gorgeous in every feature she’s been in, a reflection of the enchantress she can be. What a luscious body!
– “Chics With Chainsaw” is her intriguing new sci-fi feature and proves some girls are really out of this world when it comes to having sex appeal.

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