Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Rosie Keogh

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The stunning Rosie Keogh is going to set pulses racing and she’s a temptation at first glance. We already know the dedication as well as resonating presence of Australian talents and the beautiful Rosie is primed to shine. Her win as Best Actress at the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood and Fright Night Film Fest USA for her work on the suspenseful horror flick “Dark Origins” will garner her avid devotion. “Dark Origins” will be screening at Hollyshorts on Aug 15th and here’s intriguing morsels from the delectable Rosie herself:

“I can tell you about my journey as an actor. The role was challenging and quite dark, Ella has been institutionalised for most of her life. So hasn’t had any freedom or chance at a life, so I needed to find the bitterness and resentment that those conditions would bring. Ella was such a bold role to play. A lot of her life in the story centre’s around a past trauma that haunts her.. This was easy for me to recreate as the script was very well written, I could imagine exactly what had happened for myself. I also took aspects of this character from a previous role I played on stage, the character was allegedly possessed by another entity. I adapted subtler aspects of this role throughout the film to assist with the certain circumstances in the story.

A lot of the roles I have played have been dark and I do enjoy playing these characters. I have a TV Pilot coming up, it is a sci-fi feature titled ‘Convergence’ and my character is one of the lead roles. She is dark and bitter about life, a lot of teenage angst. I am very excited to work with Mad Anth’m Productions in the new year on this project.

We’ve seen the likes of fellow Aussie actress Eliza Taylor winning hearts in Stateside thanks to “The 100” and the captivating Rosie has as much potential to make waves. Rosie is adept at adorning the emotional arc of the characters she plays and I for one can’t get enough of her Aussie accent…:) Currently based in Sydney, I for one would love to see her in a epic fantasy series as she would love the challenge and thrill of exploring this genre. It is something she may have not experienced yet but have always been passionate about pursuing. Most notably Rosie was cast alongside Australia’s iconic television actor Martin Sacks in the feature film ‘Rise’ as Jane Tier the antagonist and plaintiff in the story. Rosie has also worked under the direction of Alister Grierson in the Tv Movie ‘Parer’s War’ as the smaller role Diana, a 1940’s Model. Rosie also has worked in some larger roles. Most recently in the independent feature film ‘500 Miles’ as Annabel, the chronic drug addict and rebellious best friend in the story, 500 Miles has recently picked up US distribution and will be available soon worldwide

Check out the ROSIE KEOGH OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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