The Women Who Sizzle @ Hollyshorts Film Fest 2014 – Part 1

1. Marion Kerr in “Lucid”


– John Carpenter calls her feature “Lucid” as stylized and well acted and must be largely down to Marion’s enigmatic performance of a woman experiencing GroundHog Day.
– Lucid means “Of a dream” and with her beguiling features, Marion is favored to be an indie darling fans who will fantasize a lot in no time.
– Graceful and talented, she’s also a creative force behind the camera having written and starred in the entertaining romantic short “Far”.

2. Rachel McKeon in “The Story Of Milo and Annie”


– She’s quickly becoming a favorite gal on the indie circuit with star-making turns in “Homemakers” as well as “The Story Of Milo and Annie”.
– There’s just something so captivating about Rachel, it’s believably easy to fall in love with her many charms.
– Having majored in Drama at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts which is an impressive feat, thank the heavens that she’s now a darling of the film world.

3. Mary Birdsong in “Manager”


– She’s set to star in the new Clive Wilson series “The Knick”. Will she don a sexy British accent?
– I tag Mary’s appeal to the magnetic personality much like Parker Posey, the cheeky attitude in one talented body is very much coveted.
– Catch her in the quirky comedic short “Manager” where anything goes when a corpse of a Korean tenant is discovered in a building.

4. Dale Raoul in “The Mortality Of Sara Lenson”


– By far one of the stars of television, her range in various guises on hit shows such as “True Blood” and “Under The Dome” is to be celebrated.
– If there’s one show Dale should be in, it would be American Horror Story: Freak Show perhaps as a relative of Sarah Paulson’s character who is suppose to have 2 heads! But first, watch her in suspenseful short “The Mortality of Sara Lenson
– She is certainly injecting substance in much of her dramatic roles and surely deserves to be recognized perhaps for an Emmy nomination don’t you think.

5. Lulu Brud in “Out Of Love”


– I laud her as the flower child of actresses very much having the compelling qualities of say someone like Scout Taylor Compton.
– Did you know that her best friend is Troian Bellisario of “Pretty Little Liars” fame who attended Lulu’s recent nuptials! Nice!
– With her wonderful versatility, expect Lulu to parade her luminous affectation in the romantic short “Out Of Love”.

6. Amanda Fuller & Lauren Lakis in “The Barista”

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– Congrats to Amanda for nabbing the role as Brittany Murphy in her biopic that’s set to air on the Lifetime network on September 6.
– One of the busiest indie actresses on the planet, 2014 could certainly be the breakthrough year for the distinctively eye-catching Lauren Lakis.
– I can’t gush enough about both Amanda and Lauren for they’re a picture of kindness and are the dream gals for any fan out there.

7. Jane Badler in “Good Samaritan”


– One of the sexiest women to have made waves on television, she’s still an object of desire and a certified sci-fi goddess.
– Jane may be making a cameo on the horror short “Good Samaritan” opposite Rainn Wilson but it will be a memorable one!
– Next to “Wonder Woman” starlet Lynda Carter, she’s on par when it comes to maximum allure. It’s no coincidence they both play characters who are called Diana.

8. Lisa Sheldon in “Bald”


– Freckles are sexy especially when they belong to sun-kissed model/actress Lisa who could be a dazzling face during any Summer.
– We can start calling her the princess of shorts as she has several in the horizon with her latest being the dramedy “Bald” with Camilla Belle.
– She’s actually been on A Wendy’s commercial entitled “Perfect Then, Perfect Now” which is fitting for such a glowing young actress.

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